About Me

Gary Smith calls Austin, Texas home and is focused on commercial, portrait, lifestyle and editorial photography.

I have been active in photography for many years and I have a very diverse background both technically and creatively. I founded and published a national print magazine and I have been published in four books and several other national magazines. I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, which came in handy when I built this website.

I study photography and various styles a lot and it's interesting to me that some photographers have a "look" that distinguishes their work. We have so many more looks possible now than when I started in photography it's staggering; blame photoshop. I get why photographers like this because if they have developed a look that a client likes then they are a front runner for a job. However, why would you want your campaign to have the same look as someone else's? My work tends to lean towards a more dramatic style but overall I suppose I'm more of a generalist (borrowing a term from Joe McNally) and that's probably due to my background in editorial photography as is Joe's.

Very early on, photographers like Ansel Adams, Ernst Haas, Jay Maisel, and Len Rue captured my interest as did my grandfather's own work. Current photographers like Joe McNally, Joel Grimes and Albert Watson are at the top of the mark today and they are still producing new work so I get to enjoy their talents regularly. Below you can see one of my grandfather's images of Alexander Graham Bell taken in 1920 (his copyright is on the back of the image for the news service). I also have two of his 8x10 Kodak glass negatives of the Panama Canal being dug.
Alexander Graham Bell

Gary Smith, Austin Photographer

You might guess from the background in my photo that I'm a Nikon shooter. I've been shooting Nikon cameras and lenses since the 70's and in the 35mm format I believe they have the best quality glass. I shoot with pro bodies and lenses and currently use the D850 (45.7MP) and D4s (16.2MP) as appropriate for the demands of the shoot and the needs of the client. I also use Elinchrom strobes and Nikon Speedlights in the studio and on location.
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